Saturday, December 10, 2016

Menolak lupa?

Someone who had been there for me these recent years.
How can I forget the goodness of you that I love?

 You and I.
We're both the actors and both the victims in this mysterious thing called life.

We have a good history,
While life has its own mystery.

We will never know what the future brings.
All that we know now is...
God wants us to meet,
Either to become a lover or just a best friend.

"Penyesalan terbesarku adalah apabila tak pernah mengenalmu" -you

Maybe we failed at being a lover
But you are my friend that I don't want to lose

I will meet and love someone else better than you
Just as you'll meet and love someone else better than me.

One thing for sure,
 Memories will forever stay.
Thanks for the memories, you.

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